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Started by administrator 2017-05-22 at 17:56
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Welcome, dear friend!

Many of you like suggested to introduce again the Point Contest so we will continue!

It will be $300 total prizes and will be divided as shown below:

Main Balance:
1 $200 Main Balance
2 $79 Main Balance
3 $10 Main Balance
4 $5 Main Balance
5 $1 Main Balance

Purchase Balance:
6 $1 Purchase Balance
7 $1 Purchase Balance
8 $1 Purchase Balance
9 $1 Purchase Balance
10 $1 Purchase Balance

Be carefully about the rules:

Do not use multi-accounts/ fake referrals!
Do not make spam on the forum!

You will be disqualified and suspended!

You can earn point like this:

20 points per DollarDeposit
10 points per direct Referral;
1 point for post in forum;
1 point per gptGrid click;
1 Points per ptc click;
1 Points per completed offer:

The winner will be announced after a rigorous check (1h to 24 hours) and the prizes will be distributed after the announcement!

We love to see your feedback and fell free to send us a ticket or post on the forum!

The Contest will last until 24/05/2017, 23:59

In the name GPTfamily team, we wish you good luck for everyone at Contest!

Martin W.
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great contest!